by Amber

A hand holding yelow orange and white rose petals

Holistic Facials

Amber uses a range of organic oils, clays, rose water and intuitive touch to invite you into a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience on all levels.

Amber is able to take care of all skin types & there will be time to talk about your current skin care regime and products to support your natural beauty.

Amber recommends including a flower essence consult to support your overall mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. A few drops added to your water helps you enjoy your experience even more.

Introductory free 20 minute session
A one hour facial $140
With a flower essence $165
A hand holding a tarot card


Having a therapeutic conversation using tarot cards illuminates the psyche and offers deep insight into current themes, gifts and challenges you may be experiencing.

There are no “bad” cards in a tarot deck – each card offers a unique possibility of perceiving yourself, others and situations in a new way.

Amber brings a holistic, intuitive and compassionate approach to working with the tarot as well as practical grounded guidance.

Amber strongly recommends taking a flower essence blend made especially for you following a therapeutic conversation to support your wellbeing in the world.

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Half an hour $80
With a flower essence $105
One hour $140
With a flower essence $165

Tarot at events, parties, weddings, baby & bridal showers

Offering tarot at an event provides a unique and special element for guests and is very popular. Amber is skilled at offering tarot readings for large groups of people in a time efficient and supportive way. Please contact Amber to discuss your needs.

$170 per hour + travel costs to be negotiated
A hand dipping a flower into a small cacao bowl on top of a large crystal held by the other hand

Cacao & Tea Ceremony

Sitting in circle and silence with cacao or tea is a beautiful way to connect deeply with our meditative self, our essential spirit and wider community.

Amber loves offering ceremony, holding sacred space and tailoring rituals to your particular needs to honour people, the land, transitions, rites of passages, birthdays and unions.

Please contact Amber for more information.

Cacao ceremony each month
$20-25 per person
Bespoke cacao & tea ceremony
$170 per hour + travel costs to be negotiated
A hand holding a flower

Flower Essences

Flowers & plants offer us their healing qualities. We are blessed to have access to many forms of plant medicine here in Aotearoa and from all around the world.

Flower essences gently work on our mental and emotional fields to help release blocked patterns of thoughts and energy that inhibit our natural state of joy, health and vitality.

Amber uses a range of essences including Bach Flowers, Alaskan & The Rainbow Essences of Aotearoa.

Flower essences are taken under the tongue and are safe to use alongside all medications, for children, animals and plants.

A half an hour consult with a flower essence $60
Follow up $45
Hands in prayer from the side, the closest is wrapped in a prayer bead.


The practice of yoga that Amber offers works with movement, mudra, breath, meditation and asana to enhance the quality of your day, your wellbeing and life experience. Amber loves to use imagery, music, dance & somatic enquiry to promote release, healing and integration.

A one on one session with Amber can help structure a supportive home based practice or be helpful and nurturing after experience an illness or injury.

Amber offers guiding principles that are invaluable to a beginner starting new classes.

Practising asana & pranayama prepares the body for sitting in meditation. Meditation is simply a state of awareness. It is not controlling the mind, it is feeling what is arising to be felt in the body and being with what is in our lives.

When we are still it is easier to be conscious of our presence, that what is aware and engaged with life and is always guiding us.

A one on one session with Amber can help structure a supportive home based practice or be helpful and nurturing after experience an illness or injury.

Amber offers guiding principles that are invaluable to a beginner starting new classes.

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Half an hour $60
Per hour $110
A hand holding a feather about to write on a folded open blank card

Love Letters

All of us, our friends, family, wider community and planet could do with more love, care and understanding.
We know this.

How do we make sure our relationship to ourselves and others remain meaningful and connected when being busy and communicating by social media takes precedence.

One way is to return to the arts, ritual, creativity, random acts of kindness and spontaneous relating with life or sending a hand written or hand typed love letter, poetry or prose.

Imagine the delight you could gift to someone when a hand written envelope turns up in their mail box, containing a wisdom, love poem, insight or something you wish to share anonymously or with your name.

Amber has a way with words and a collection of poetry, prose, prayer, quotes & stories to share. She will compose a letter to the one you choose using her intuitive sense and your guidance.

It may be for someone you admire, someone who is going through a difficult time or someone you wish to invite closer in.

Or would you like to receive a surprise yourself each week? Amber would be delighted if you were the recipient of your own request. This is a wonderful act of self care and love.

Write or message Amber today so she can tailor your love notes to your needs.

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Daily love letter for one week $140
Weekly love letter, one letter per week for six weeks $140
Monthly love letter, per month $35