by Amber

Amber holding a flower in front of one eye and smiling

About Amber

Amber feels a deep alignment and calling to protect our environment so every person and creature on the planet is able to thrive and fulfil their soul destiny.

She has an affinity for plants, animals, healing, yoga, dance, wholefoods and healing. She is a creator, communicator and caretaker.

Her path has been consistently challenging and she has travelled through many rites of passage. She has dedicated her life to studying various healing modalities, worked in service and created a range of products in harmony with our bodies and mother earth.

She is passionate about helping people to evolve in a way that supports a sustainable loving future. She deeply values the art of healing touch, listening and holistic supporting our wellbeing.

Amber continues to practice the work she promotes – gently tending to her own habits, patterns and wounding that make her human and loveable, inevitably humbled.

Amber has a BCS from AUT, a Diploma in Yoga from Wellpark College, a Certificate in Acute Prescribing from the Auckland College of Classical Homeopathy, a Certificate in Tarot from Fern Mercier & a Certificate in Facial Rejuvenation Technique from the London Centre of Champissage International.

She has studied Reiki with Judith Anne Watson, Naturopathy at Wellpark College, Shin Somatics with Sondra Fraleigh & associates from the EastWest Somatics Institute, Yoga with Vincent Bolletta from Hañsa Yoga International, Bach Flowers at the Wellington School of Massage Therapy, Holistic Pulsing with Holistic Pulsing Aotearoa and Aura Soma with Jan Inger, Brenda Standford & Karen Davis-Clare.

She has also trained & volunteered with the Kairos Foundation and completed her training as a self esteem mentor.

Recently she has participated in circle work facilitated by Melanie Scarpens from The Centre of Courage & Renewal.

Amber keeps her first aid knowledge alive with regular training.